Now by reading the title of this blog you might have thought how strange it is that people are actually willing to pay to meet a stranger be it a girl or a boy or willing to literally pay for rent for a friend. But yes that’s true. Times have changed and in the way of development and growth, we have forgotten how important it is to be in touch with friends on the long term or how to be loyal in our friendships.

Coming to the point, yes it is indeed possible for one to have friends on rent in India today. There are a couple of websites which are offering this service. Some of such websites are Rentafriend, rentacyberfriend, rentalocalfriend, Joinpapa & FriendPC.

While it is no doubt a point of concern that the credibility of the person you are meeting will be made sure by whom. Also, another matter of concern might be when the confidential information is publicly shared by user while having a conversation with one of the listed friends on the websites mentioned above. The problem may get aggravated when such information is the contact number or address.

Time will only tell the future of these websites. Young people in today’s society do not want to make commitments lightly, so a platform like this gives them the option of not having to see the other person again after they have had a few dates with them. The thrill of getting to know someone new is a large part of what keeps people interested in new experiences.

While all of us have witnessed how cheap the dating apps can be and what all can they lead to and it is in this viewpoint that we understand that rent a friend should be considered as a cause for the people in need of better mental health and leaving their loneliness.


About Rentozo

we have developed a mobile application to help rentees and renters to find or list anything on rent at their fingertips.

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